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Notes from the Meeting:     

     The BEREA meeting was held in Pembroke on Tuesday, April 12, 2011. The program was about Truett Cathy, the founder and chairman of the “Chick-fil-A” restaurant chain.

     Mr. David Boykin, from the Statesboro’s “Chick-fil-A” told us how Mr. Cathy became a successful businessman and one of the country's most generous philanthropists, but also more personal information about Mr. Cathy’s great faith in God. Not only has Mr. Cathy helped thousands of high school and college students, foster children and his employees financial but he takes a personal interest in the people themselves.

    Delia Alexander, from the corporate office in Atlanta, works very closely with Mr. Cathy. She presented insight into how Mr. Cathy’s generosity is reflected in his dealings with employees in the corporate office as well as the franchises.  He installed a state of the art lunchroom, free of charge for his employees, a daycare for his employees, and a gym on the grounds in the Atlanta office.  All “Chick-fil-A” are closed on Sundays in keeping with his faith in God. Mr. Cathy is ninety years old and he  still continues to help people in his state, county, and abroad.


Left:  Delia Alexander



Right:  David Boykins

Jean Owens gave theDevotional.


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