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    February Meeting 


  •        The BEREA met on February 14, 2012 in Claxton at Mrs. Rogerís Restaurant. There were 24 members present. Mrs. Ollie Mae Ricks is the newest member. 

  •        The first guest speaker was Debbie Duvall from the Evans County Board of Education.  She spoke to about the latest changes in the state insurance and how Medicare is   incorporated in the insurance policy.  Then she answered questions and concerns from the group. She was very informative and cleared up some of the concerns of the members.

  • Jeffery Williamson is an estate planning, elder law, and tax expert.

    • He spoke on long term care insurance and the need to be careful when taking out a policy.  He also emphasized that Medicare is not for long term care and not to fill out any  Medicaid forms (if you are needing nursing home services) before talking to an attorney.

    • Mr. Williamson also discussed trust funds and the different ways one can develop trust funds. He suggested that as retirees, we need to think about how we want our estate handled and have a competent person and/or lawyer to develop a program to avoid having it heavily taxed by Uncle Sam and to protect our interest. 

  • This is a website where you can find an attorney that specializes in Elder Law.

http://www.naela.org    (National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys)

The website has articles on current events and updates on Medicare, etc.   I looked at the site and I think you will find it interesting especially if you are dealing with some of these problems now. 

  Please Note:  When someone talks about taxes and/or insurance, my brain turns to mush.  I hope the above information is correct.  Please let me know if  you find errors in my information.  Thanks, Anne


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