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The Bryan-Evans Retired Educators Association met on March 13, 2012 in Richmond Hill at the Southern Image Restaurant.  Our guest
speaker was John Wetherbee, a meteorologist, from WTOC TV.  His topic was emergency weather.  He stated that there were three things we needed to remember.

Everyone needs a weather radio.  A weather radio  alerts people of inclement weather in progress such as thunderstorms, flooding, tornadoes, etc.

  • Watch means conditions are favorable bad weather  (take action)

  • Warning means it is happening now!  (Do something now!)                                                                                

Social Media Sites - Great way to stay abreast of weather news.

  • Social Media are such things as Tweet, Facebook, TV weather, and Weather on line

  • Make a Plan:  Know where your safe place is in your house.  It should be a place with no windows and sturdy support such as the middle of your house, bathroom, or closet.  You should have a radio, water, and other necessities in your safe place.

  • John Wetherbee stress that if a hurricane is headed this way that we need to get out of town. 

The BEREA wants to thank John Wetherbee for a great program.

 Becky Corr, a kindergarten paraprofessional at Richmond Hill Primary School,  was the he BEREA  Scholarship  recipient this year.

The BEREA wants to thank Donna Pacenka and Claudia Christensen for decorating the tables.  Loved the vases.  

March Agenda  Agenda in PDF file   


President - David Greene    John Wetherbee - Guest Speaker    Mrs. Purcell presented
 the Scholarship
 check to   Becky Corr
from RH Primary School.
Inspiration by Sallie Brewer  Minutes read by Nancy Page  Blessing by Donna Pacenka     
  .....    ....   
The BEREA meeting ends with drawings for door prizes.
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