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August 2011, David Greene, President of the BEREA, spoke to the Evans County School faculty and staff about the importance of GA Retired Educatorsí Association.  He encouraged all retired or soon-to-be retired educators to join the organization.  He said that first of all they would have the connection with other retired educators and secondly to protect their rights, including retirement and health insurance.

August 16, 2011:   

      BEREA's planning committee met on August 16th at the Black Creek Golf Club's dinning room.  They main objective was to plan the programs for the coming up year.  Many suggestions were presented and the committee is exciting about the upcoming programs and hopes the BEREA members will enjoy this year's programs. The group also discussed having planned fieldtrips to various activities in the nearby areas for those who would like to get together for more social and informal activities with BEREA member and just to have fun.  This will be discussed in the September meeting.

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