BEREA November Meeting 2011

Richmond Hill, GA

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November 8, 2011, Richmond Hill, GA:

aKate Finch, the GREA president of GA, spoke to the unit members.  She shared with us the paths that the GREA traveled in order to finally acquire the land and pays it off the land for the GREA museum. 

ōShe also informed the members the roll that GREA plays in taking care of itsí retired and active members. 

bOne of the ways is that it watches closely what is happening to our retirement income, and waves the red flag if it looks like someone other than the TRS shows an interest in the funds for their own purposes.

  bAnother way the GREA helps is by keeping a strong voice in the legislature.

ōKate Finchís project this year is to feed the hungry by contributing to the local food banks in our area.  She states in her brochure that even the UGS has started its own food bank, due to the high cost of tuition and everyday expenses. 

ōShe closed with the reminder and information about the state convention that will be held in Callaway Gardens.

aThe unit recognized Harold Fowler, Richmond Hillís mayor. 

aClaudia Christensen also told the group about the Midway Cemetery tour and regaled us with some of the stories about the people that are buried there. The BEREA unit hopes to plan a tour there after the new year.

aNew and old business was discussed and the meeting was adjourned.

Please Note:  December's Meeting will be at Bryan County Elementary School in Pembroke.  Mrs. Wright's chorus will sing for us.  She does amazing things with these students.  I hope you will be there. 

November Agenda     Due to camera problems, I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted.
    Kate Finch, GREA president, was our guest speaker.     

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