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Notes From the President:

     The first meeting of the year was started with a brunch furnished by members of BEREA.  Then, the guest speaker, Mr. Don Gardener from the Bryan County Extension Office talked to the group about fall gardening.  He furnished the group with brochures and information about fall gardens and bucket gardening.  The group learned several ways to get rid of moles in our yards.   According to Mr. Gardener, best solution is either to get a good mouser or a terrier, if that doesn't suit you, then you have to be crafty to get rid of pests.  He discussed lawns and the best time to fertilize and what happens if you fertilize at the wrong times.  It was very informative, and educational.  After the business portion of the meeting was completed.  Door prizes were presented, thus ending the first meeting of BREA for the year 2010-201. 

Notes:  T-shirts and sock are being  collected.


Our Speaker:  Mr. Don Gardener


Some of our favorite people.
      Settling down for our meeting.

BEREA Home Page