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Meeting - September 9, 2014 
 Brunch prepared by BEREA members
Installation of Officers
What's New in Bryan Co. Schools by Joe Pecenka
What's New in Evans Co Schools
 by David Greene 
Business Session

In Attendance to the September 2014 Meeting:

Patsy Haire
Alice Barnes
Wynelle Purcell
Delores Fields
Dorothy Geter
Anne Sanders
Sallie Brewer
Frances Meeks

Beth Odom
Becky Sharpe
Debbie Laing
Patti Newman
Claudia Christiansen
Louise Wilkerson
Doris Boggs
Anne Miller


Dee Ann Hammack
Jerry Swain
Olivia Harvey
Jean Owens
Mamie Baker
David Greene
Barbara Estes

(3 guests)

President - Barbara Estes Anne Sanders- Treasurer Alice Barnes - Secretary
Wynelle Purcell- Installation of Officers Joe Pecenka- What's New in Bryan Co. Schools Dorothy Geter- Inspirational
"Great Social time with old friends and good food"